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Increase sales, boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction or deepen employee engagement – Cooach CX will support you with every challenge you may have.

We believe that every business is different, that’s why we focus on flexibility and creativity when designing and implementing proper strategy to grow your business. With our trusted solutions you can be sure that your customers will experience the best!

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 From Store audits to Mystery video chats and online shopping. Cooach CX offers different types of mystery observations giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose what will work best for your business. We know that challenges may be different so is our approach when giving you our recommendations.

mysterY shopping

Our mystery observers visit your points of sale and rate their experience so that it can be compared to internally set standards, with the ultimate goal to improve customer experience.

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mystery shopping online

Our thoughtfully designed online Mystery Shopping program can support a variety of stakeholders in understanding and improving the e-commerce experience.

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data collection

We use different methods to collect data, depending on your business needs. We will recommend proper solution that will work best for you and your business allowing you to get the information you need for further development. Below you dive deeper into some of our data collection methods.


Online focus groups is a method to conduct qualitative research. The discussion is led by our moderator with selected auditors to deep-dive into data collected during mystery shopping.

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exit interviews

Exit interviews offer a unique opportunity to get honest and open feedback, providing valuable insights into consumer's profile, behaviour, brand perception and the shopping experience.

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performance boost

We believe that boosting performance needs some extra support. Therefore, we offer different types of tools that will allow your business to truly see the difference. Tailored reports with detailed analysis, personalized action plans and trainings based on your needs are some of the performance boosters that we can create for you.

management report

In our tailored management reports, customers are provided with the type of data necessary to successfully improve their business. Here you can view an example of what a management report includes.

one pager

Our one-pager is a highly engaging, visual tool that allows customers to quickly grasp the conclusions drawn by us after analyzing the collected customer experience data. Here you can view an example of what our one-pager may include.

standards elaboration

The standards elaborations provide management with a tool for making consistent judgments about how well the organisation performs in meeting set customer experience standards. Here you can view an example of what a standards elaboration presentation may include.