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Black Red White

BRW is the largest manufacturer and distributor of furniture and home decoration in Poland, with an approx. 20% market share in terms of sales value. It is a well-recognized and reliable brand that offers a comprehensive and varied range of interior furnishings.


Every month Cooach CX supports BRW in measuring customer shopping experiences in various store formats in Poland. We conduct observations in dedicated areas like: living room, kitchen, bedroom, teenage room, accessories and lighting department. 

During mystery visits we evaluate typical customer journey, following the steps of customer’s welcoming and approaching, needs analysis, product presentation, resolving objections, add on sales, transaction closure and good bye. All our observations are recorded so that BRW employees are able to use them as a supporting tool in working on improvement.

We make sure that customer-centricity remains the most important value for BRW. Via close co-operation with our partners, BRW receives a solid training and development support for its sales force in brick & mortar locations spread all over Poland. Furthermore, we evaluate BRW’s direct competitors to benchmark the experiences received at their points of sale.

Every day we furnish Black Red White stores with the best customer service!

Cooperation since 2021

Mystery visits

918+ visits every year

33+ locations

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