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Toyota is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer and world’s best-selling car brand. Toyota’s mission is to lead the future mobility society, enriching livesaround the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people.


We started our journey with Toyota over two years ago.

Cooach CX supports the brand in delivering happiness to its customers. We measure and analyze the interactions that Toyota’s customers have with the brand in various touchpoints, starting from physical dealers to mystery calls, mails or video chats. 

The profile of our auditors is very diverse, from individual customers to owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, from people interested in buying a new car to customers looking for used cars. Thanks to the variety of our auditors’ profiles and type of observations, we are able to provide a 360 overview of the customer experience which helps Toyota to truly understand the gaps needed to be reduced. 

Happiness and satisfaction of Toyota’s customers is our priority!

Cooperation since 2020

Mystery visits, calls, e-mails and video-chats

1,660+ visits every year

70+ locations

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