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Sephora is a French multinational, omni-retailer of personal care and beauty products, featuring nearly 3,000 brands along with its own private label. Sephora’s mission is to create a welcoming beauty shopping experience for all and inspire fearlessness in the community.


Sephora is extremely dedicated to creating a welcoming beauty shopping experience for all customers and it’s not a secret that its stores are the first choice when it comes to beauty! 

That’s why we are proud to be a part of this success in Poland. We monitor the service level in Sephora brick and mortar stores on a regular basis, evaluating the whole customer journey, including makeup demonstrations, which allow shoppers to test different brands to be sure they’re buying the right product. 

Our visits scenarios are always tailored to the current needs of Sephora such as  evaluation of the new product launch or new marketing campaign.

 Sephora recognizes that their customers require a unique and personalized approach. So do we!

Cooperation since 2020

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344+ visits every year

86+ stores

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